Serving Tucson, AZ  Established in 1988

mission statement

Innersenses is a private client centered counseling (psychotherapy) practice which is deeply rooted in RESPECT, LOVE, CARE & COMPASSION. A guiding principle in the practice is to accept each client with respect and dignity. Not to judge, but to accept the client’s unique journey and to assist in facilitating the changes to move despair and dysfunction into quiet self-confidence that will guide one through any issues in their life.

 Each individual will be provided with a lifestyle assessment and the means to change their lives.  All Counseling services will be provided in a safe and comfortable environment utilizing individual, couples and families therapies/counseling practices.

The Loving and Caring endeavor which underlies all InnerSenses’ therapies is…each of us is in charge of our destiny and our lives. We are only limited by our own fears, sense of victimization and lack of motivation. Our commitment to each client is to assist in reaching their own maximum potential.

 Human beings are the only mammal on the planet with an active verb in its name, Human B-E-I-N-G, the act of BECOMING.

 "Our primary focus is to provide a compassionate and accepting environment that demonstrates client care with respect, and love.  The client will take charge of their lives and to walk the path of mind-fullness.  To live with a simple understanding of knowing what ever comes their way, they have the where with all to resolve the issue and to fully engage in their lives.