Serving Tucson, AZ  Established in 1988

innersenses,inc Counseling


The following are testimonials of the services that are provided at InnerSenses, Inc:

-Thom listens well and facilitates meaningful discussions that have brought a greater awareness to my emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, which have helped me to change my perceptions of my life and find the inner harmony I was seeking- (JH)

-Thom Cooper saved my life by giving me the tools and knowledge to understand and live with my own emotions. I can now encourage and nurture a healthy, loving, caring and understanding family and relationship with my partner... Thank you Thom-(AA)

-My wife and I came to Thom our marriage was about over. He helped me to realize things(problems) i had carried with me for so long. Thom has been firm with me at times and understanding when nothing else would work. My life and relationship are getting better and better-(RD)

-My experience with InnerSenses and Thom have been and eye opening experience both rewarding and educational. Wonderful insight into my inner-self as well as others in my life-(OH)

-I enjoy working with Thom because he is more honest and direct than most in his field. He challenges me and I gain from it-(SC)

-Thom Cooper has been the most understanding with me and in many other way has always helped me, even when I didn't take his advice. I have always felt comfortable both in a one on one session and or a group setting-(RF)